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Developer Name: Zhang Qinhua(From Hangzhou, ZheJiang, China)

What is BullrushSoft conversion service?

The Conversion Service is a free online service for convertion from SWF to EXE.

It allows you to upload and convert any flash SWF file to standalone flash projector, and download it immediately!

The standalone flash projector has the Flash Player embedded in the EXE file!

It means that anyone should be able to watch your SWF movie even if they don't have the flash player installed.

How it works?

Here is the simple way to convert an SWF file to EXE:

1.Open website: http://www.bullrushsoft.com/online.html Remember it and tell to your friend

2.Click the [Browse] button, and Select the SWF file that you want to convert

3.Click the [Convert] button, and it just takes a few seconds

4.After the page changed, click the [Download] button and save the EXE file to your computer

Different Versions, Different Features

Feature Download Version Online Version
Real standalone, run without Flash player installed no yes
Use without purchase no yes
Creating EXE applications, projectors, presentations, games yes yes
Read-to-run, run on CD, without temporary files yes yes
Standard FSCommands yes yes
Protect your swf files yes no
Pack, compress and protect flash and related files(XML/FLV/JPG, etc) yes no
Custom FSCommands yes no
self-destruction functions yes no
Creating screensavers & related functions yes no
Customize the application icon yes no
Customize the version information yes no
Strong file compression yes no
Small exe size yes > 4MB
Support the large size swf files yes < 5MB