How to let your flash projector to open PDF file directly?

Way 1: Use ActionScript GetURL

GetURL will open the file n a browser, but use Bullrushsoft, the file will be opened with its associated executable program.

Way 2: Use ActionScript FSCommand

BullrushSoft defined the "brs_run", it will open ANY type file directly!
If the pdfs were in the sub-directory, please listed the path.
eg. 1.pdf file is in the "data" sub-directory.
Please write AS codes:
   fscommand( "brs_run", "data\\1.pdf" );
   fscommand( "brs_run", "data/1.pdf" );

Publish Tip

You need publish your PDF files with the flash projector together, same sub-directory.
Not only PDF!

Yes! Not only PDF!
Two ways had supported other file-type: Office 2003 file type(doc/ppt/xls),Office 2007 file type(docx/pptx/xlsx), Media file type( wmv/avi/mov), and ZIP file type( zip/rar ). Almost forgot, there is html.
If you need open other file type, please test the way 2.

Here is the sample rar file